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Software Engineer with 5+ years experience.

Available today for feature-rich functionality for any platform.

I specialize in building scalable, production-level applications with Javascript. I've given several public talks on React and modern web practices, and made several open-source contributions to GraphQL libraries on npm.

Member of the Free Software Foundation since July 2019

Public Talks

Verizon HQ - Basking Ridge, NJ
"Learn React - 3 Day Workshop" (2018)

Build with Code - New York, NY
"No Time to REST: Transitioning an API to GraphQL" (2018)

NEPA Tech - Scranton, PA
"Build Your Next App in React" (2017)



  • Javascript ES6+
  • React
  • Redux/MobX
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • NoSQL
  • Webpack
  • HTML5
  • CSS/Flexbox
  • Atomic Design


  • Typescript
  • Python
  • Django
  • VB/VBA
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • jQuery
  • Linux/Bash
  • Git/Github
  • CI/CD


InRhythm Consulting Firm @ Goldman Sachs | Senior Software Engineer

  • Wrote Typescript interfaces to statically validate state and props for React components during a major build-tool upgrade, validating library components and eliminating runtime errors for a consumer-facing commodities-trading application
  • Wrote MobX methods using Javascript’s decorator and class feature to handle real-time stock trading quotes, utilizing a reactive OOP approach for updating the UI based on live socket connection data
  • Built Node.js modules using Mocha and Supertest as part of an internal initiative to train Java engineers on full-stack Javascript, using TDD methods to validate answers built around a series of lessons on core backend principles
  • Implemented React Router by building protected routes and rendering UI based on match and location data, utilizing the library’s declarative syntax to eliminate technical debt leftover from prior attempts to imperatively control the History API

Den Temple Engineering | Full Stack Engineer, Freelance

  • Built a Node.js server with GraphQL endpoints to eliminate unnecessary API requests for a UK-based social media app
  • Implemented Redux to a mobile-first React app using async thunks and smart containers for a U.S. political organization
  • Utilized the Foundation/Zurb CSS framework to build responsive email designs for a Shopify-based apparel agency

Net Driven | Front End Developer, Case Management

  • Contributed HTML/CSS/JS components to 1,100+ live websites based on Photoshop design boards and client requests
  • Converted images to CSS declarations on legacy webpages to optimize page load speed and improve web accessibility
  • Built a React component library to prototype DotNetNuke templates migrated to a more modern Atomic Design approach

Penn Foster | Data Engineer, Strategy & Analytics

  • Built a CMS in Django to refactor existing SQL Server/OracleDB scripts into a single C-Suite app for predictive analytics
  • Wrote Python scripts to feed PostgreSQL data first to Excel for cleaning, then to a Machine Learning API for processing
  • Built VBA scripts using OOP patterns to automate I/O between Excel userforms and IBM AS/400 client interfaces
  • Utilized Javascript and CSS Bootstrap to build a UI that handles domain-specific calculations for live call-center agents


Codesmith | Open Source Software Residency

University of Scranton


I'm also a published poet and a 10-year NaNoWriMo participant.

I prefer Turkish Coffee, watch seasonally-airing anime, and watching disaster videos on Youtube.


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