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My name's Denny, and I can build what you need.

Software Engineer with 5+ years experience.

Available today for feature-rich functionality for any platform.

I specialize in building scalable, production-level applications with Javascript. I've given several public talks on React and modern web practices, and made several open-source contributions to GraphQL libraries on npm.

Public Talks

The Speaker Series - New York, NY
"Build a Node.js App w/ GraphQL" (June 2019 - Upcoming)

Verizon HQ - Basking Ridge, NJ
"Learn React - 3 Day Workshop" (2018)

Build with Code - New York, NY
"No Time to REST: Transitioning an API to GraphQL" (2018)

NEPA Tech - Scranton, PA
"Build Your Next App in React" | 2017



  • Javascript ES6+
  • React/Redux
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Git
  • GraphQL/Apollo
  • Jest/Mocha
  • Atomic Design
  • VBA


  • Typescript
  • Python/Django
  • SASS/PostCSS
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Webpack/Babel
  • NoSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • jQuery
  • Bash/Linux


InRhythm Consulting Firm (Website) @ Goldman Sachs | Software Engineer

  • Built MobX methods for a React-based commodities trading app
  • Built Typescript interfaces to statically validate React components for endpoints in a mono-repo
  • Utilized PostCSS to modularize UI design for a universal React/OpenFin application
  • Implemented React Router for a responsive IPO investment app

Den Temple Engineering | Full Stack Engineer, Freelance

  • Built a Node.js server with GraphQL endpoints for a startup's social media app
  • Implemented Redux for a React mobile app to encapsulate data fetched via asynchronous API calls
  • Implemented React Router to streamline user interaction for a U.S. healthcare agency
  • Utilized CSS Foundation/Zurb to improve Shopify clients' digital engagement with pixel-perfect email designs

Net Driven (Website) |Front End Developer, Case Management

  • Contributed HTML/CSS and jQuery components to 1,100+ live websites
  • Optimized CSS on legacy webpages by converting image-based designs to Flexbox & SVB declarations
  • Prototyped a React-based component library for future platform migration

Penn Foster (Website) | Data Engineer, Strategy & Analytics

  • Built a CMS in Django to refactor existing SQL Server and OracleDB calls made by existing VBA scripts
  • Wrote Python scripts to feed student PostgreSQL data via cURL commands to a Machine Learning API
  • Wrote VBA automation scripts to feed student SQL Server data to AS400 client-interfaces
  • Built a Javascript and CSS Bootstrap data calculator for phone agents on an existing VB.NET platform


Codesmith | Open Source Software Residency

University of Scranton


I'm also a published poet and a 10-year NaNoWriMo participant.

I prefer Turkish Coffee, watch seasonally-airing anime, and watching disaster videos on Youtube.


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