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Work Experience


Software Engineer | 2022 - Nov 2022

  • Developed Typescript and React Web components to implement Biometric Web Authentication for U.S. mobile app users
  • Wrote Typescript generator functions with Redux Sagas to implement new actions for Betway’s internal design system
  • Wrote Typescript, React, and CSS to implement new light mode theming as well as routes and prompts for new features
  • Wrote C# and XML to deploy additional versions of the frontend app to the mobile stores for handling new regional markets
  • Deployed new CI/CD pipelines with MS Azure to further streamline newly implemented QA and Agile/Scrum practices
  • Wrote Storybook and Jest tests to ensure 95%+ test coverage across all lines of code
  • Attended workshops on Kubernetes, AWS Messaging SQS/SNS, and Azure CI/CD as part of an employee learning series
LanguagesJS/Typescript, C#, XML, HTML/CSS
FrameworksReact, Xamarin


Software Engineer | 2020 - 2021

  • Developed new Angular pages and templates with Material Design to add new features for Ethyca’s B2B dashboard
  • Wrote Java to implement new API endpoints, including Spring Boot ORM functions to interact with PostgreSQL tables
  • Wrote Java to implement new user email notification events, including HTML/CSS designs for said emails
  • Built a new Typescript and React app from scratch to dynamically generate dozens of stateful pages from served JSON
  • Wrote new user authentication and new Stripe integration components to handle registration, login, and payment flow
  • Built a new Typescript and React app from scratch to dynamically generate tables representing database schemas
  • Wrote vanilla Javascript snippets to sniff the end-user’s data privacy settings on page load and configuring as necessary
  • Led the implementations of Cypress E2E testing, Storybook testing, and the Atomic Design component hierarchy
  • Acted as the main technical contact, spec writer, and code reviewer for an overseas engineering team
LanguagesJS/Typescript, Java, HTML/CSS
FrameworksReact, Angular
OtherRedux, Material Design


Full Stack Software Engineer | 2019 - 2020

Responsibilities included building new React/Redux UI components for a B2B dashboard, writing Python with Django REST framework to create new serializers, models, and API endpoints, and creating new Celery tasks to log errors and track reports

LanguagesJavascript, Python, Jinja, HTML/CSS
FrameworksReact, Django REST
OtherRedux, Celery


Software Engineer | 2018 - 2019

As a contractor to Goldman Sachs:

  • Built new Typescript and React/MobX features for a real-time forex platform
  • Built new React and D3 features for a startup financials tracker

As an engineer for InRhythm, responsibilities included...

  • Co-lead workshops on React and Frontend Development for Fortune 500 companies
  • Created learning materials to teach Node.js to Java engineers
LanguagesJS/Typescript, Java, C#, HTML/CSS
FrameworksReact, OpenFin
OtherD3, Redux, MobX

Net Driven

Frontend Engineer | 2017 - 2018

Responsibilities included writing Javascript and HTML/CSS components for over 1,100+ static websites, building new pages and designs from Photoshop boards, optimizing Javascript and HTML/CSS for page speed and web accessibility, etc.

LanguagesJavascript, HTML/CSS

Penn Foster

Data Engineer, Strategy & Analytics | 2014 - 2017

  • Wrote SQL queries for OracleDB, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases to manage daily, weekly, and quarterly reporting to mid-level and C-suite executives
  • Automated IBM AS/400 tasks with VBA and the MS COM to handle specialized enrollments
  • Automated IBM AS/400 tasks with VBA and the MS COM to handle student paperwork processing
  • Built a new Javascript and HTML/CSS app to handle sales calculations for call center agents
  • Wrote Python to process and pipe raw call center data to use with Machine Learning models
  • Prototyped a new Python and Django REST Framework app for use as a new CRM
  • Fixed bugs for an analytics C# app
  • Reviewed and spec'ing a new Ruby on Rails B2C app
LanguagesPython, MSSQL, Oracle SQL, Javascript, C#, VB6/VBA, HTML/CSS
FrameworksDjango, jQuery
OtherMachine Learning, IBM AS/400